Where our story has run out, a better story is about to begin.

Hope Cymru is a new multimedia initiative with the vision of sharing the hope and good news of Jesus Christ with Wales.

Film plays a central role in this great retelling of the gospel with short films and several video seasons planned. Plus we love to celebrate the greatest news this world has ever known with our annual Hope Cymru event. Our multimedia approach also includes The Hope Cymru Talk Show and Podcast, a blog, social media and much more to come. We are just getting started!

Hope Cymru is a pioneering venture to reconnect with the past and give hope for the future by retelling the biggest, best and most beautiful story of all – the story of Jesus. He can utterly transform our individual stories in the present.

A reason to hope

Despite the challenging times the world finds itself in including emerging from a pandemic, the rising cost of living, the breakdown of society, the pain of war, and much more, we believe that there is hope. There is a better story to tell.

We are doing this because we believe that the good news about Jesus will bring transformation, renewal and hope to Wales. We are a group of normal people, all with different stories but share the desire to see Wales and its people prosper and share in the hope we have. Our prayer is that many in Wales will come to the same conclusion, and receive the good news we have to share.

Find out more

This is just the beginning! Stay connected with us by following us on social media. Want to get in touch? Contact us by going to our Contact page.