Hope Cymru is an exciting multimedia project which involves filming new video content to bring the gospel in a fresh way. Through the content we create, we address the longings and questions that we all have, and how the good news of Jesus Christ ultimately meets every need we will ever face.


Our first film series Hiraeth‘ tells the story of our longing for home, and where home ultimately can be found. There are seven episodes all available to watch on YouTube. Watch the first episode below:

The first episode of Hiraeth

The Hope Cymru Talk Show


To see all of talk show episodes, visit the Hope Cymru YouTube channel or listen to the Hope Cymru Podcast! Here is the very first episode of The Hope Cymru Talk Show:

EPISODE 1: DR. JANE WILLIAMS – ‘Why is Christianity the most popular story ever?’

Coming Soon…

Hope Cymru bilingual Christmas films (2023):

  • Two short films in four parts will be released over the four Sundays in Advent on our YouTube channel. They are called ‘Winter to Christmas’ and ‘Waiting in Winter’.

Season One – ‘Origins’ (coming in 2024):

  • The first season in our film project docuseries ‘The Story’. Watch the trailer for ‘The Story’:

We are working on new material as part of a bigger film series that will be released in stages over the next ten years. Each series will build upon the greatest story of all — the story of Jesus who brings true life and hope for us all. It is a hope-filled, love story that spans from the very beginning, into our present day and on into eternity.

We can know the love of God today because of the ultimate story of Jesus coming into our world to save us, restore us and bring us home.