Crisis after crisis: What hope is there?

The world is shaking all around us. At the time of writing, people are going on strike across the UK, including teachers, university staff, civil servants, and bus and train drivers. The war in Ukraine continues, whilst other conflicts with less media coverage are taking place throughout the world. The effects from the pandemic have left their mark on the nation. A cost of living crisis has been felt from home to home, with the poorest most affected. Hospitals are at breaking point. Staff shortages, lack of funding, and the pressures of a backlog of appointments make regular news headlines.

This is just a snapshot of bad news. Where is the good news? Is there any hope for these dark and difficult days?

Hope for hard days

We talk a lot about hope at Hope Cymru. We are also passionate about good news. For every hopeless situation, or bad news story, there is a God who can be known. Jesus, who walked this bumpy, broken ground on earth, brings us good news and a certain hope.

Jesus Christ, who had always been with His Heavenly Father, entered our dark world, putting on flesh, becoming human, and came to rescue and save us.

The world is not as it should be. We see it all around us. We mess up. The problems are not just ‘out there’. They are inside every single one of us. But Jesus knows the very worst about us, and in love, He died for us.

The death of Jesus Christ seemed like the darkest of all days. A promised Saviour and King crucified. Hope gone for His disciples, His family, the world.

Or so it seemed.

But… hope was not lost. The good news is three days later, Jesus rose from the dead! Not even death could hold Him back. This truth transforms those who trust that Jesus died to save sinners. This world needs a heart transplant from the Master Physician. But will we come to Him for this lifesaving procedure? He will give us a new heart, a fresh start and an everlasting hope as we believe in Him.

It’s because of Jesus we can hope in the hard days. We can have new beginnings and new life in His name. In Jesus there is forgiveness for yesterday, meaning for today and hope for tomorrow.